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Heartbeats in "Colour My Heart"

Posted by broove - February 14th, 2009

SilverStitch has made a game called Colour My Heart. And Heartbeats is used as a main theme there.
I have to say it's more like an art rather than a game though. But it's very nicely done. If the atmosphere catches you, it will hold you till the end.

Definately check it out!

I'm really amazed by the response.
Thank you guys for the support ;)

Scribd or Mediafire


Thanks to Holograf for making the sheets.

Comments (29)

I'm definitely glad I ran into the flash. I don't think it would have been the same without Heartbeats in it. Your piece caught my attention more than anything else in the flash.

The song makes the atmosphere. But so does the graphics and the message. At least that's how I perceive it.

But I'm glad you like the song. It encourages me to make music.
Thanks again ;)

one of my friends simply adores your song, and she wants to know if there is a way to get the sheet music for it?

I'm afraid, no. I don't use sheet music (don't understand it).
But the song itself is not hard. She could try to learn it by ear. Oh, and say hi to her, from me ;)

I've been told to give you a message from my friend (^^)
"thank you very much and I will try my hardest. It is a very beautiful piece and it has inspired me"

By the way I'll be uploading tabs pretty soon. Maybe they can help

Come on, learn some music theory, it helps to have some medium to write down your thoughts on. Brilliant atmosphere. You manage to successfully use simply piano without making it sound empty. Good amount of echo, filling but not excessive.

Send me them tabs, and whatever notes you have time to note down?

I'm actually have just started to learn the theory.
And I'll upload tabs today (for me today is - I have 12 hours and 16 minutes left ;))

Sweet =]


wow, i love this song, keep it up!

thank you, will see...



I love this song! Is there anyway to buy this song and download it?

Why would you like to buy something that is for free?
You can download this song on it's page, mate!

In a world full of poorly arranged music, this piece... this piece, Sir, strikes me. Not only is it one the most beautiful songs I have had the honour of hearing, but well put together as a whole. The simplicity of the song is the most gripping part. It is rather akin to the like of the music heard in the game Braid. Absolutely beautiful and I am going to set myself to task to learn this piece on my guitar and I'll be sure to tell everyone that hears it, where I heard it. From everyone that will have the chance to hear this... Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Oh, no problem. Thank you too ;)
Learn it on every instrument you have :P

sorry cuz, ma spellings not all in peice, but its gettin better, but ya bro, your musics inspiring gto probably tha souls of many soldiers out there cuz. dat one peice inspired me to do a short animation its not ready fo the eyes of newgrounds yet, but ya cuz, nice work, keep on doin what chu do

No, it doesn't get better :P
But thanks ;)

how can i have that son :') PLZZ :X

by downloading

This is a masterpiece!!
Gee, I'm very impressive about your music.
Keep up~

My friend love the game, too.
We are your fans now, haha

Hi, fans :D

Well, thank you both then ;)
I appreciate it.

Love the sound, and the game is pretty cool, i like the style :)

'm glad! And thank you for the 3rd time ;)

Love your work man.

I'm glad. Thank you

In the tab, are the notes like ab supposed to be the black note between A and B? Brilliant music btw.

no. a means a, b means b.
thanks btw

THIS SONG IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. SUCH SUBTLETY, SUCH EMOTION, THE FEELING. I could seriously drift away to Heartbeats, and I dont know what I'd do if you didnt produce this masterpiece.

hey man I know you probably get asked all the time but... Is there anyway you could upload the sheet music for this because I was wanting to play it on guitar with my friend who also loves the song... If you can that would be great if not its okay...

There will be no sheet music.
But there are tabs - they are on the stuff you're commenting.

It appears your song is rather popular now. =)
Understandaly of coure, it is such a wonderful piece! =D
Maybe some more emotional clasicals for the sequel?
I would love to use the same musical author through the series. =)

We'll talk sooon after my next releae ^,,^

yea, it is popular. Now, however the hype is gone.

You are planning on series of this? Now that's sounds interesting.

I also used heartbeats in my video
found here:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieVRGwGzMGM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieVRGw GzMGM</a>

great! thanks for using it.

Hey, I was wondering if it would be okay for me to post a couple of your songs and a link to your page on my personal site, just so I can share them with some friends? If you need to know the url for any reason it's <a href="http://jasonmerritt.selfip.com/">http://jasonmerritt.selfip.com/</a>

Sure! That's ok with me

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