Broove on iTunes

2014-09-16 13:51:45 by broove

From now on my music will be available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rapshody, Spotify and other major music stores / streaming services.

I will continue to publish my music here, so you guys can download it for free. However, if you do wish to support me, please buy it (it's already there).


Many thanks for all the support you've already shown me.


Heartbeats in "Colour My Heart"

2009-02-14 06:47:51 by broove

SilverStitch has made a game called Colour My Heart. And Heartbeats is used as a main theme there.
I have to say it's more like an art rather than a game though. But it's very nicely done. If the atmosphere catches you, it will hold you till the end.

Definately check it out!

I'm really amazed by the response.
Thank you guys for the support ;)

Scribd or Mediafire


Thanks to Holograf for making the sheets.