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something different

To be honest, the beginning wasn't very promising, but the pad and the beat helped to build the atmosphere. And although, I didn't like some parts, overall this tune definitely stands out.

Interesting stuff, good job.

This is definately great

Really great background song. I like the beat - it's metallic sound and how it sat well with the rest of the song.

very good

You won't find many of this kind of songs here. That's too bad.
I like this one. The piano is too simple and the beat is not complicated aswell but these glitchy ambient sounds are pleasant to hear and sound is pretty clean.
Good job, man.

TheDeadlyKind responds:

Thank you for the honest review.

very nice

very nice atmospheric drum'n'bass. but there are some things that bothers me though,
First, the pad changes are too sudden (I'm not talking about attack/release settings, but about the transition from 2 bars to 1, vica versa)
Second, it's very repetitive and gets boring after a while.

But other than that, I like your minimalistic approach. Everything sound clean, there are no unneccesary sounds or effects.

Great job, man!

ID-N responds:

thnx master :)
i do it better next project


This is a masterpiece!
The energy is dripping out of every hole. Plus it's funny as hell.

Fuck, I feel good!

Nice work

I love these ambient semi-dnb tracks.
Yours is pretty short, but it doesn't matter - it's looping in the background for 30 minutes now and doesn't get boring. And again - the atmosphere is captivating.

Good job.
Love it.

youngold responds:

Wow, thanks! I didn't think I'd get a review from someone like you!


Dude! Change the velocity and tempo sometimes. All your piano songs sounds extremely synthetic. You do have skills, but try to improve them with every song.

Dude09 responds:

thanks for the compliment, but as for the sound, I'M BROKE!! so getting a new sound program is very unlikely, plus got college coming and they should have better programs, so hopefully it'll improve

There's something about your songs..

... what makes me want to listen to them again and again. And this song is not an exclusion. I must agree with the guys below - it's very relaxing and mellow.

Keep it up.

LiquidEcstacy responds:

Thanks very much =) Glad to see a fan.

Very good.

These "fingering" and other sounds are really distracting. Worst of all, they are louder than anything else in this song. I didn't like the transition in the middle aswell.

But apart from that.. Dude! The atmosphere! Melody... I can't even describe how good it is.

Love it.

I'll be sure to check out your other songs.

Boux responds:

hey thanks man for the nice review, but youre sure your headphones not bringing other noises, cause this is only acoustic and pads.


This song makes me crazy. I want to jump around and shake head and everything else I have.
About the structure.. the beginning is fine, but it gets a bit boring on last minute.

Other than that, pretty catchy tune.
Keep practicing and experimenting and you'll get better ;)

Ritheguardian responds:

I'll see if i can spiff up the end for a more "epic" build up and ending :) thnx for the advise and listen :)



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