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I've been watching your music for a while, but now I decided to finally write a review.

In my opinion you are very talented. Your music isn't very complicated (except the beat parts of course) but the atmosphere you create with it is unbelievable. And I'm not talking only about this song - The Last Demo, Ego Boost, 18th of December... I LOVE the atmosphere of each and every song.

As for this song, drums do sound a bit too harsh (on my earphones) but everything else is awesome. The lead is outstanding - both the sound and the melody.

You told that you'll be gone soon. I don't know what exactly does that mean, but dude, DON'T STOP MAKING MUSIC! EVER!

Good luck now

I liked it

Thank you for the credit, mate ;)

About your song..
To be honest, I can't hear similarities between these two songs.
Nevertheless, this one actually sounds pretty good. I loved some moments (for ex. 1:18, 1:32).
It didn't touch me thouh..

But overall pretty, lovely and a light song, perfect for a background.
Nice work ;)

shadow6nothing9 responds:

Yeah. I kind of liked that part too and maybe I'll build around that part later. And why you can't hear any similarities? I guess I just aimed for that feeling I got from it :P

One week worth of work and it will definetly sound better, cuz i finished this in a few hours.

not bad

The song overall is not bad, but there are some things which in my opinion need improvement:
The background melody is repetitive and gets boring quickly.
The beat is pretty hollow - I could recommend you to use more samples for variety (right now I hear only 3 of them - hihats, a kick and a snare).
And flute sounds pretty static - everything it does is change a pitch every beat.

However bagpipes part was the best - I really liked how it all sounded together.

All in all not bad.
Keep it going, mate ;)

EvilScorpio responds:

Thanks for review, mate))) I'll try to improve this track)))

Effects are overused

Don't worry, it's not that bad.
But here are some things which are wrong here:

1) Effects are overused. seems to me that you've put every available effect on the piano. The effects may fill the background, but they also make sound a mess if overused.
2) The beginning didn't go well with the rest of the song.
3) Sounds too electronic. Velocity changes may help.

Practice! Try different things. It's important to become good at what you do.

Spartacus90 responds:

Hey, thanks for the review.
The reason why it sounds too electronic might be because I used fruity loops piano. I tried to find the most realistic sounding piano.

the beginning and the very end is superb

The first half is just amazing. Especially the piano. I love the mood it creates. Ohh.. and strings - they fit in well too.
But I as a listener am a bit confused about the second half. Maybe the sudden mood change, maybe something else, but I have a feeling, that it doesn't go well with the first part. Don't know, maybe it's just me.
The end was again very well done.

Overall a great song. Good luck in the competition ;)

BlazingDragon responds:

I was a bit worried about the sudden mood change initially but personally think it fits now that I listen again. While it is quite different, that is very much what we intended. The song was over two minutes of the same mood and many of the same chords. We wanted to write something more up tempo and joyful before transitioning back to the slow. In relation to the valentine's day contest we composed this for, the second part is supposed to show how low can be an adventure. There are the tender moments such as at the beginning of the song, but there is also the adventure and journey of being in a relationship with the person you love.

I can see where you are coming from, though, and I appreciate the criticism. Thank you for reviewing! :D

very nice indeed

Mmmm... Glitch. Awesome plug, isn't it?
The beat is really creative, love it. Sometimes it's too shuffled though and it doesn't let the song flow.

Usually in songs there are loops, which, you know, repeats all the time .. but here... I have a feeling that everytime something different happens, like there are no loops at all. And that jazzy feeling... very pleasant.

Great job, mate

calm and... sad

This song (especially the beginning) would suit in a sad moment, for example after a breakup, when the guy (or a girl) is driving in the bus and thinking about what happened... That feeling is indeed well translated in this song.
My only complaints are, its repetitive and there's lack of mastering.

I also listened to other your songs and I really like your style. I'll keep watching you.

It feels... empty

First of all, this track isn't bad. The main melody actually is pretty nice and so are the bells (which you could use more often and make more obvious). But the rest feels pretty "standart" and makes the whole song just above average. The bass doesn't add an "energy" to the track, it's there but I can't feel it. Same thing is for drums. The sound is also too electronic.

Try to use reverb or some other effects (even just a bit) and change velocity where necessary... that will make sound more realistic. And in my opinion, you shouldn't leave the background empty - I have a feeling that something is missing (dunno, maybe reverb or something else will change that).

But the fact that you didn't use the presets is congratulatable. Not many do that.
So good luck on your future projects. I'm sure that you'll evolve quickly ;)


What I love about this song is its atmosphere. It's not complicated, but it catches with that. Every instrument is in it's place.
Too much reverb though.

But great job indeed!

headbang87 responds:

glad you liked it. It's a song i did in about 5-10 minutes, i think you're right with the reverb :)
EDIT: changed the song

d%u012Bvaina dziesma

Something's not right here. All kinds of sound is present, but somehow it is hard to call this a music. It just doesn't flow smoothly. These samples and effects maybe sounds cool separetely, but they don't fit together.

Tu, protams, nenjem ljaunaa, tomeer kritika reizeem ir vajadziiga ;)
Naakamreiz pacenties veltiit skanjdarbiem vairaak laika. Ir dzheki, kas pie vienas dziesmas var seedeet 3 meeneshus un vairaak (Noisia, piemeeram)



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