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I too discovered this song via hedgehog launch.
It just shows that there are some really good hidden treasures in here. The atmosphere of space is so real... I've never heard a song that makes me so "into space"...
And by the way those voices really speaks in Russian (with an american accent, of course). Something like "What's going on there? Answer me!"; "I don't see the target"
But dude, awesome song! Awesome! Keep it up ;)

ID-N responds:

thnx man
its a funny thing, ithink so too. S.W.A.T game voices are perfectly smoooth here :)
and spaceful sound.


This song is kinda weird. But in a good way really. The quality of the sound is really good (as much as I can judge from an mp3).
There were some "ear cutting" moments, however. And I think that the phaser at the end is not necessary.
But this song is original unlike the most here. You have developed your own style and that tells much...

Soundshifter responds:

thanks a lot bro. i know that part at the end hurt the ears, i was too lazy to eq it lower. ill remaster it for the album copy. thanks again :)


haven't heard anything from you for a while...
I loved the first minute (the ambient taste, the beat, effects). But the problem is, it gets too repetitive. I was expecting a solo instrument or something. The "guitar" effect was lovely and original (haven't heard anything like it before), but you could use it in a different way...
Overall nice and pleasant song. Good as a background music.


Nice man! Really nice. I have to agree that it's one of the best ambients I have heard on newgrounds.
Perfect for a background.

fredtherealist responds:

Cheers broove!

positive ;)

Newgrounds is full of haters I guess...
This track isn't supposed to be 0.86

Very cheerful song btw ;) I like a bassline very much. Sound is too electronic though. But good job ;)

SkatingIsGenetic responds:


I had no idea that my song had been voted down to 0.86...(curse those 0-bombers)

But as I write this, the score is 4.05, so I'm actually astounded by it!

I know it was more electronicy than latin, but I knew that it wouldn't have come out that way.

Maybe if I look more into latin culture and music, I can produce a real latin song.


Thanks for the review! =3

nice one

You're one talented musician...
this song is really atmospheric. Guitar parts fit in perfectly. Reminds me Helios.
Keep on this way ;)

sculpted-cold responds:

Thanks! He's one of my main influences. :D

nice song

I agree with piano - it's the best part of the song. But I felt that something is missing. Maybe some more instruments, maybe more melodical use of the existing ones - can't really explain.
But good work, something calm at last

sculpted-cold responds:

It's just the opener, though. The other tracks have recurring themes that are expanded. I see what you're saying about something missing, though. Maybe I need to turn one of the pads up a little bit.

Thanks for the listen!

I'm impressed

It's almost everything that I like in this song. Maybe just some piano parts could be more "melodical" if I can say that. Very atmospheric song.
Amazing work, man!

Zajed responds:

its a pretty old song, i just recognized that the piano is kinda weird so ifixed it, i just left enough space for a rapper thats way i kept the piano decent
thanks alot for the review

Is this from a movie?

Pretty good sound effects.
The end was kinda, unexpected...

Rig responds:

Nope, it's not from a movie - I made it last night for class. ;)
And yeah, I like the ending.


Thanks for the review!


Very energetic. Makes me wanna jump around.
However cymbals are too loud and bright IMO.



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